Official releases

Every official release of TorqueBox is published to Until TorqueBox 4 comes out of alpha or beta, you’ll need to make sure to include a version identifier in your Gemfile to pick up the prerelease gems.

For example:

gem "torquebox", "4.0.0.alpha1"

You can also pick and choose various TorqueBox components if you don’t want the entire suite of services. To do that, remove the torquebox gem from your Gemfile and add the appropriate individual gems.

An example of using only the web and scheduling services:

gem "torquebox-web", "4.0.0.alpha1"
gem "torquebox-scheduling", "4.0.0.alpha1"

The list of official TorqueBox gems are:

Incremental builds from our CI server

Every successful build from our continuous integration server publishes updated gems to our incremental gem repository. To see the latest incremental builds and for instructions on how to consume the incremental gems head over to our TorqueBox 4 incremental builds page.