Migrating from TorqueBox 3 to TorqueBox 4

NOTE: This guide is still largely a work-in-progress and missing quite a bit of content. Until TorqueBox 4 gets out of alpha, only attempt migrating TorqueBox 3 applications if they are relatively simple (mostly web) or you’re prepared to dig into the API docs and source to see what’s changed. If you do attempt to migrate your application, please provide us feedback so we can update the guide.

TorqueBox 4 is quite different from TorqueBox 3 in several ways, the largest being:

Application initialization

In TorqueBox 3, most of your resources had to be set up statically at deploy time, either through torquebox.yml or torquebox.rb. In TorqueBox 4, neither of those files are supported, and you instead set up resources at runtime from within your application code.

Features missing or removed since TorqueBox 3

Some of these may come back in some form or other, depending on our user’s wants and needs. TorqueBox 4 is still in the early stages and under heavy development.



Message Processors -> listen

Synchronous Message Processors -> respond

not supported: