TorqueBox supports any Rack-based web applications. This includes Rails, Sinatra, and many other frameworks that build on top of Rack.

The gem

Web support is provided by the torquebox-web gem, and can be used independently of other TorqueBox services.

Running a Rack application via the command line

From inside your Rack application’s root directory:

$ torquebox run

If you’re using Rails, ensure torquebox is in your Gemfile and then you can alternatively run:

$ rails s torquebox

Of course rackup works as well if you prefer for your Rack apps:

$ rackup -s torquebox

Running a Rack application via the API

The entry point for exploring the web API is our TorqueBox::Web documentation.

require 'torquebox-web'
TorqueBox::Web.run(:host => '', :port => 8080)

For the complete list of options, refer to TorqueBox::Web.run documentation.