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Chapter 1. What is TorqueBox?

1.1. Built upon JBoss AS
1.2. Built upon JRuby
1.3. Open-Source
1.4. The "application platform" concept

TorqueBox provides an enterprise-grade environment that not only provides complete Ruby-on-Rails and Rack compatibility, but also goes beyond the functionality offered in traditional Rails/Rack environments.

Instead of building a Ruby Application Platform from the ground-up, TorqueBox leverages the existing functionality JBoss has been shipping for years in the JBoss Application Server. JBoss AS includes high-performance clustering, caching and messaging functionality. By building Ruby capabilities on top of this foundation, your Ruby applications gain more capabilities right out-of-the-box.

JRuby is a fast, compliant implementation of the Ruby language upon the Java Virtual Machine. Pure Ruby applications run un-modified within the JRuby interpreter. By binding JRuby to the components within JBoss, their functionality is exposed in a manner suitable to Rubyists.

TorqueBox is a product of the JBoss Community, and is completely open-source software. TorqueBox is licensed under the LGPL. You may download the binaries or the source-code, modify it if you desire, and use it, even for profit, without any licensing costs.

Traditionally, Ruby applications were responsible for their services from the ground-up. You literally ran the application. It would import support libraries to handle HTTP listening, for example.

An application platform provides the foundations for any and all application functionality. The deliverable application itself does not need to handle the networking layers, the messaging facilities or the clustering logic. This is provided to the application "for free".