We've produced three TorqueBox 2.x screencasts so far with more planned soon. These first two screencasts will get you up and running with an installation of the torquebox-server gem and a basic Rails application deployment. They're short and sweet at around 5 minutes each.


We've given a few presentations about TorqueBox. As we find them, we'll gather them here.

Really Old and Obsolete Stuff

Screencasts: Really, They're Old and No Longer Relevant

But have a look if you like. We still have a couple of videos around from our 1.x line, if you are feeling nostalgic. But for anyone just getting started with a new TorqueBox app, you'll definitely want to focus on 2.x.

Articles: Based on 1.x Beta 18 - See? Old.

Others have written articles about TorqueBox

Community: Ben Isn't Really "Community" Anymore Since He's on The Core Team Now

Our community is producing related things



Grab a cool desktop wallpaper from the design team.


Goes to 11

A full assortment of shirts, mugs, mousepads and other muck is available.