TorqueBox is a new kind of Ruby application platform that supports popular technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra, while extending the footprint of Ruby applications to include built-in support for services such as messaging, scheduling, caching, and daemons.

TorqueBox provides an all-in-one environment, built upon the latest JBoss AS Java application server and JRuby. Functionality such as clustering, load-balancing and high-availability is included right out-of-the-box.

TorqueBox 3.1.2

Download 3.1.2
Release Date 09 April 2015
Size 69mb

TorqueBox 4.0.0.beta3

Release Date 17 June 2016

Latest News & Articles

TorqueBox 4 Beta3 Released

17 June 2016

The next beta release of TorqueBox 4 is out with some important bug fixes, including compatibility with the latest JRuby 9 releases. Please give 4.0.0.beta3 a try and create issues for any bugs you find. The betas have been out long enough that barring any major issues our next release will be 4.0.0 ......
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TorqueBox 4 Beta2 Released

03 September 2015

The second beta release of TorqueBox 4 is out with some important bug fixes! As you've been doing with beta1, please give 4.0.0.beta2 a try and file any bugs you find. Make sure to create an issue for anything you consider a blocker for TorqueBox 4.0.0 so we can get things wrapped up and......
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TorqueBox 4 Beta1 Released

10 June 2015

We're pleased to announce the first beta release of TorqueBox 4! This beta release fixes many issues identified in our TorqueBox 4 alpha release. Unless a large volume of bug reports get filed for the beta, expect our next release to be TorqueBox 4.0. Read our TorqueBox 4 blog archives for more information on......
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TorqueBox 3.1.2 Released

09 April 2015

A long overdue bug-fix release of TorqueBox 3 is out - TorqueBox 3.1.2. This release was done mainly to update the bundled JRuby from 1.7.13 to 1.7.19, but also includes a couple of other minor fixes. Download TorqueBox 3.1.2 (ZIP) Download TorqueBox 3.1.2 (JBoss EAP overlay) Browse Getting Started......
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Upcoming Talks

15 July, 2014
Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Ruby Group

Introduction to TorqueBox 4

Toby Crawley will present at Boulder Ruby Group in Boulder, Colorado.