TorqueBox is a new kind of Ruby application platform that supports popular technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra, while extending the footprint of Ruby applications to include built-in support for services such as messaging, scheduling, caching, and daemons.

TorqueBox provides an all-in-one environment, built upon the latest JBoss AS Java application server and JRuby. Functionality such as clustering, load-balancing and high-availability is included right out-of-the-box.

Latest Release: 3.1.1

Download 3.1.1
Release Date 26 June 2014
Size ZIP archive, 62mb

Latest News & Articles

TorqueBox 4 Alpha1 Released

05 December 2014

We're delighted to announce the first alpha release of TorqueBox 4! TorqueBox 4 has changed substantially from any previous TorqueBox release, so we'll be putting out at least one more alpha release before transitioning to beta status. Read our TorqueBox 4 blog archives for more information on the motivation behind TorqueBox 4 and the early......
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TorqueBox 4 Update

01 July 2014

Lots of community users have been asking about TorqueBox 4 recently, so it's probably past time to talk about TorqueBox 4 a bit and give a roadmap update. For starters, the gem we've published as 'torqbox' and any references to that codename are being wrapped into TorqueBox 4. We have a couple of high-level goals......
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TorqueBox 3.1.1 Released

26 June 2014

The next bug-fix release in the TorqueBox 3 series is out, TorqueBox 3.1.1! This release includes JRuby 1.7.13, fixes multipart form submissions, and drastically reduces memory consumption when uploading large files. We'll continue to squash bugs in TorqueBox 3 on an as-needed basis while still concentrating most of our efforts on the upcoming TorqueBox 4. ......
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2014 JRubyConf EU

23 May 2014

JRubyConf EU is back again this year as part of Eurucamp 2014! JRubyConf EU is a single-track, single-day event that takes place on August 1st 2014, located at the same venue as and immediately preceding Eurucamp 2014. Meet fellow JRuby users and developers on August 1st and stay at Eurucamp through the weekend to hang......
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Upcoming Talks

15 July, 2014
Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Ruby Group

Introduction to TorqueBox 4

Toby Crawley will present at Boulder Ruby Group in Boulder, Colorado.