Being an open-source project, the TorqueBox community has many entry-points. You're welcome to participate via one or several, depending on your level of interest.

Some activities, like filing bugs in our issue tracker, require that you have a JBoss Community account. Signing up for a JBoss Community account is easy.


The TorqueBox team is a distributed team, so you can be as close to the action as anyone else by participating on IRC. IRC is our virtual office (and virtual watercooler) so fire up an IRC client and stop in. #torquebox

Mailing Lists

The team maintains two mailing lists. The -user list is tailored for people who just want to effectively use TorqueBox.

The -dev list is intended for individuals who want to know what's going on under the hood.

More information about our mailing lists

Issue Tracker

The project tracks bugs, feature-requests, and other issues through the JIRA issue-tracking system at

To file issues or requests with JIRA, you must have a JBoss Community account. Signing up is easy.

You can browse existing issues or learn more about filing issues.


The project Twitter account is @torquebox

If you say something nice about TorqueBox, chances are we'll retweet you. If you say something incomprehensible (to us) in a foreign language, we will also probably still retweet you. Then ask for a translation.

You may also desire to follow the individual members of the Project:odd team, who are responsible for the development of TorqueBox.

Development Resources

If you'd like to take the next step, check out the resources available to our development resources.