TorqueBox supports Rack, including Rails 2.3.x, Rails 3.x, Sinatra, and others. Rack applications are served as first-class resources within the web container. The web container is clusterable, and web sessions may be shared between nodes without any additional configuration.


High-performance tried-and-true Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) database drivers power your ActiveRecord and other database access.


TorqueBox provides the framework to manage your daemon-like Ruby components. TorqueBox makes sure it starts and stops with your application. What you do in the middle is up to you.

Scheduled Jobs

Cron-like functionality is provided by the TorqueBox server. Job classes implemented in Ruby have full access to to your Ruby environment and are managed by a durable job scheduler.


Your simple Ruby components can both produce and consume messages from clustered and distributed asynchronous messaging fabric powered by HornetQ.

Asynchronous Tasks

Leveraging the messaging system, TorqueBox makes it easy to execute simple tasks and methods asynchronously, allows your application to quickly return control to the user.